Hi, I’m Lorgio a Technology Leader with passion to create a great experiences

Elevating Startup Success with Precision Product Delivery Services - Your Trusted Partner in Navigating the Competitive Ecosystem.

Empowering the future of Startup through Technology Leadership

Concentrate on your primary objective which is expanding your business, and leave it to me to ensure that your business is efficiently portrayed in the digital realm and distinguishes itself from the rivals.

About Me

Consulting Services

Engineering Excellence

Leading an average team can be a long and unfulfilling journey. Instead, let's embark on a path to extraordinary and sustainable success.
Together, we'll ensure that your engineering team not only excels but also thrives. Your quest for excellence begins here.

Executive Coaching & Advisory

Struggling to decipher your CTO's technical insights or aiming to become an invaluable advisor to your CEO?
I specialize in bridging the gap between technology and business, empowering my clients to navigate this critical intersection seamlessly.
Let's elevate your leadership prowess by aligning strategic tech decisions with your overarching business goals.

Technical Program

Leading a team of engineers can be challenging, but it is also incredibly rewarding. With the right tools and processes, you can thrive in this role.
I can teach you the essential skills and knowledge you need to be an effective Tech Lead, How to excel in your role, How to be more confident when leading teams.
I can also help you develop a customized Technical Program that meets the specific needs of your team and project.
Embrace the challenges of Tech Lead and get the right process to succeed.